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Do you enter the same data in different screens multiple times?

Every business has different software systems within to make their business work. These different systems are fragmented, leaving staff to manually enter in data in multiple places, several times.

Your workforce wastes time entering the same data in multiple places. The margin for human error is huge. Data entry mistakes are costly for any business. Eliminate this time waster with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Enter information in once and let the system populate fields for you automatically. Save time, save money and focus on income making activities.

How Dynamics 365 solves this issue

Dynamics 365 is a platform that you can use to build a customized solution for your business needs. Start with one Dynamics program and add as your business grows. Pay for that you need now, and scale the solution when you want.

Prophet Business Group also integrates solutions to create a workflow to automate processes to remove the need for manual intervention. There is no perfect "out of box" program that fits your business. Prophet Business Group will search for the right business application that works for you, and can integrate it for a seamless transition.

Prophet Business Group focuses on new technologies so you don't have to! As new, products are released, we test them before we recommend them. Leave it to us to keep your business efficient today and in the future.

Try Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales for 30 days

Your 30-day free trial includes: Choice of sales and service scenarios, Guided tasks, articles, and contextual videos. Automated processes and predictive analytics. Option to add Dynamics 365 to your current Office 365 subscription and the ability to change to a paid subscription any time. No credit card required.

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