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Everything Starts With Sales

Your sales team is on the front line in the fight for customers. They need the information, intelligence and tools to win business and drive growth. You need to evaluate their performance and develop strategy. Microsoft Dynamics offers the tools to meet all those needs in a scalable, cost-effective way. 

Complete Sales Team Management

The days of keeping your contacts in Outlook, invoices in the accounting system and opportunities in a spreadsheet are over. Microsoft Dynamics CRM collects all of the essential sales information in one place and tracks the progress of opportunities so you can see what you’re winning and what your customers are buying.

Account & Contact Management: Keep track of your contacts by easily linking them to relevant account and recording any information you need.

Lead & Opportunity Tracking: Understand your sales process better with a complete history of where an opportunity originated, how much it’s worth and how long it took to close.

Quotes, Orders & Invoices: Spend less time on administration by sending quotes, processing orders and viewing invoices within your CRM.

Track and Evaluate Performance

How do you know how you’re doing if you don’t have a goal? Whether you count calls, customer adds or dollars, you can track it all in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Activity Tracking: Connect directly to Outlook and track emails, appointments and tasks directly to records in CRM.

Goal Management: Set goals for individuals or teams, based on activity levels, financial targets or anything else you track in CRM.

Reports & Dashboards: Build personal and team dashboards to surface essential information about sales performance.  

Over 25 Years Experience

At Prophet we understand that software is just a starting point and we’re focused on delivering solutions that drive accountability, efficiency and growth. Whether you’re outsourcing or looking for someone to work with your team, it’s important to have a partner you have confidence in.

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