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Buying Behaviors Have Shifted

Customers are more sophisticated and expect more ways to engage with your business. By the time a purchaser has contacted you, they have done their research.  Your business has to transform to be able to compete. 

Customer Relationship Management

The goal of any CRM system is to make winning deals easier and faster. However, where others fall short, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales excels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales frees your sales staff from the demands of administration, multiple data entry or limited access to data.

Get real-time, transparent data so reps can be well informed. Dynamics 365 Sales makes it easier for customers to do business with you. Turn relationships into revenue.

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Explore Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales gives managers insight into sales activities, the value of the sales funnel, the stages of the sales process, and coaching tools. Dynamics 365 Sales gives managers dashboards to control and measure performance.

Systemize your sales process

Standardize processes with your company’s best practices. Move more deals forward.

Shorten sales cycles

Remove obstacles for closing. Sales will have the tools to win deals faster.

Create a greater customer experience

Happy customers are your biggest marketing asset. Use Dynamics 365 Sales to create more of them.

Build stronger relationships with prospects

Keep the sales funnel full and your company top of mind. No lead is forgotten! Combine LinkedIn for greater visibility.

dynamics 365

Before making the next sales call, or walking into your next sales meeting, have access to all real-time information on your client.

dynamics 365

Fill out a short request form, and a consultant will contact you.

dynamics 365

Every business has different software systems within to make their business work. These different systems are fragmented, leaving staff to manually enter in data in multiple places, several times.

Over 25 Years Experience

At Prophet we understand that software is just a starting point and we’re focused on delivering solutions that drive accountability, efficiency and growth. Whether you’re outsourcing or looking for someone to work with your team, it’s important to have a partner you have confidence in.

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