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Managed IT Services Are Your All-In Solution

Managed services reduce downtime by identifying problems before they occur, automating critical tasks and improving the health of your network. It involves remote monitoring and management of your computers, mobile devices and network. It provides alerts when something isn’t functioning correctly and notifies your managed service provider – Prophet – when issues arise on your network.   

Overhaul Support With Managed IT Services 

Managed services aren’t a single class of services. They can include any of the critical areas of your IT infrastructure and deliver the best results when deployed as a complete solution.

Network Monitoring - Proactive advice and support when hardware faults are found.
Software Updates - Install updates to single or multiple devices with no interruption.
Low Disk Notifications - Notification when your computer approaches its storage space limit.
Online Support - Remote Internet access for fast resolutions with no customer disruption.
Patch Management - Update manufacturer software patches and hotfixes as required.
Mobile Device Support - Security and monitoring of Android and Apple OS.
Antivirus Control - Remote detection and removal of viruses and malware.
Automatic Backups - Store data in the cloud automatically and improve security.
Asset Management - Know where your devices are and what they’ve got installed.