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There are two year end close processes in Receivables

  1. Calendar Close.This clears the calendar year to date finance charges to last year.
  2. Objects Affected by the Calendar Close
  3. Finance Charges CYTD
  4. Finance Charges LYR Calendar
  5. Total # FC LYR
  6. Total # FC YTD
  7. Total Finance Charges LYR
  8. Total Finance Charges YTD
  9. Total Waived FC LYR
  10. Total Waived FC YTD
  11. Unpaid Finance Charges YTD

If you print customer statements and show year to date finance charges on them be aware that this does not print on a December or January statement.  Contact GP Support, we can change your reports appropriately.

  1. Fiscal Year Close. This moves all amounts other than the calendar year to date finance charges to last year. Objects affected by the year end close
  2. Average Days to Pay – Year
  3. High Balance LYR
  4. High Balance YTD
  5. Number of ADTP Documents – LYR
  6. Number of ADTP Documents – Year
  7. Number of NSF Checks YTD
  8. Total # Invoices LYR
  9. Total # Invoices YTD
  10. Total Amount of NSF Check YTD
  11. Total Bad Debt LYR
  12. Total Bad Debt YTD
  13. Total Cash Received LYR
  14. Total Cash Received YTD
  15. Total Discounts Available YTD
  16. Total Discounts Taken LYR
  17. Total Discounts Taken YTD
  18. Total Returns LYR
  19. Total Returns YTD
  20. Total Sales LYD
  21. Total Sales YTD
  22. Total Writeoffs LYR
  23. Total Writeoffs YTD
  24. Write Offs LYR
  25. Write Offs YTD

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