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Business technology simplified. One platform. One portal

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud platform that streamlines your business by providing one access point. No longer waste time searching multiple drives or servers. Business information lookup has never been easier because Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one platform with one portal.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the platform to create your private portal to centralize:

Business Data
Securely share information with those who have access.

How Dynamics 365 can solve this issue

We will do the system setup. Microsoft takes care of the cloud infrastructure. We can ensure that your accounts are properly provisioned and licenses, roles, access is properly allocated and secure.

We provide more than software, we can take care of your hardware needs as well and make sure you have the latest ransomware, virus protection, and trojan protection.

We can systemize your business processes – like single sign on so you do not need to enter passwords over and over again. Contact Prophet Business Group today to discuss your future business plans.