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CRM software

CRM software is supposed to help your sales reps track prospects, close deals and drive revenue, right? So, why are you constantly hounding them to use it? The truth is that they probably hate the system you have… and they probably have a point.

Sales reps will use (and even embrace) a CRM if it makes their job easier. Here are some of the most common ways CRMs fail to achieve that.

Lousy Mobile Experience

Speaking from experience, even the most curmudgeonly sales rep gets excited when I tell them they’ll have access to the whole customer database on their phone. It’s the kind of feature managers and reps love because it adds value and improves information flow. It’s also frequently screwed up.

Maybe the system in question has a lousy mobile app. Maybe designing the mobile experience wasn’t a priority. Maybe there’s lousy data coverage where your reps actually need to go. Whatever the reason, if you’re not nailing the mobile experience you’re missing one of the easiest ways to get your reps invested in your CRM.

To help improve the mobile experience, start by making sure your CRMs mobile app isn’t terrible. Download it, use it and make the call before you choose a system. Next, when customizing CRM, don’t set up the mobile forms exactly like the desktop forms. On mobile, prioritize essential information (contact info, notes, etc.) and the ability complete/close/win records on the go.

Painful Reporting

CRM should make it easy to extract data, whether it’s list of high-value accounts sorted by geography or a view of where a rep is relative to their monthly target. If it doesn’t, or you constantly have to dump information to Excel to do it, your reps aren’t going to bother to enter information into it in the first place.

Dashboards should show the KPI’s your reps are accountable for and information should be filterable within the CRM. If your system doesn’t do either of those things, your reps will be right when they complain that keeping everything in Excel would be easier.

Duplicate Entry

This is the crux of most complaints about CRM systems. Typically, a rep will keep contact information in their Outlook or phone, write their notes in a notebook or Word documents, compose the quote in a quoting software and enter the order into an accounting software. Asking them to do all of that twice in order to keep a CRM system accurate will make them hate you and the CRM.

Your CRM system doesn’t need to do all of that – though it is possible with the right integrations – but it does need to replace some parts of the process. Just remember, if you’re making reps do something twice they’re not going to do it all the time… and CRM is the corner they’re going to cut.

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