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We’ve integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Outlook, quoting software, Microsoft Dynamics GP and plenty of other applications. Despite all that, there’s one integration that many companies don’t take advantage of that can add just as much value, if not more.

I’m talking about your website.

There are any number of tools to integrate your CRM with your website – from full marketing automation suites like ClickDimensions, to affordable add-ons like PowerWebForm – but they all allow you to capture information on visitors while improving their experience.


Everybody wants to know what your services cost and, if you don’t post pricing on your site, the only way to find out is to ask for a quote. Unfortunately, nobody likes to call and ask for one, since you’re guaranteed to talk to a salesperson.

With a simple web form you can give customers the option to request a quote. The form can be configured to capture all the relevant information – from name/phone number, right up to detailed technical specs – and create a Lead in CRM. Once it’s in the system, the sales team and assign and action it as necessary.


Support is another are where a simple form can pass useful information into your CRM. A support form allows customers to submit issues around the clock without emailing your staff directly. It’s also great for customers who need to submit screenshots, pictures or other files.

Instead of creating a Lead, the form can be setup to create a Service Case, which can be assigned and tracked just like a Lead. It can be assigned as appropriate and closed when completed, so you’ll never lose track of a customer issue. There are also live chat plugins for your site that let you deal with customers in real time and then create a Service Case automatically once the conversation is closed.


Content marketing is king right now. Whether you’re posting eBook, hosting webinars or offering infographics, you need a way to capture the information about the people downloading those resources. If you don’t have one, you’re letting warm leads walk out the door.

Just like with quote or support forms, the captured information can be passed into CRM but, if you’ve got a marketing automation platform, you can launch an entire automatic drip campaign when a visitor submits that form.

The goal of your website is to serve customers and, with some basic CRM integration, it can serve them better. They get what they need, you get more information and nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

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