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What's New GP 2015 to GP 2016 R2

Microsoft is continuously adding new features to improve reporting, increase collaboration and decrease inefficiencies. Take a look at some of the recent improvements made to Dynamics GP from Dynamics GP 2015 to Dynamics GP 2016 R2 and perhaps you will discover a recent enhancement that will make your organization run more...dynamically.

All-in-one Document views

The All-in-one view makes it simple to review a document and anything related to it, such as an order or payment, in a simple intuitive inquiry. This was introduced in Dynamics GP 2015 R2 for purchasing and Dynamics GP 2016 for sales and inventory.

The usefulness of All-In-One Views is found in the ability to click on a transaction in the window and have all related transactions display. So if a vendor calls in and asking about an invoice, you can enter in the invoice number and see any payment, receipt, credit, PO, miscellaneous charge or finance charge related to the invoice, all in one screen!


One of the most useful new features of GP has been the implementation of Workflow. Workflow was introduced in GP 2013 and at that time Workflow was only applicable to payables. Each subsequent release of GP has expanded on the Workflow functionality as it has implemented new features and included it in more modules.

GP 2015

GP 2015 R2 GP 2016
General Ledger batch approval Payables Transaction Approval Word templates for batch approval workflow
Project expense report approval Ability to include document added to transaction or record in email for approval Workflow condition management
Vendor Approval   Workflow reassignment notifications
Receivables batch approval    
Employee skills approval    
Payables batch approval    


SmartList is one of THE best features of Dynamics GP because it makes it so easy to inquire, extract and analyze Dynamics GP data. Recent enhancements to SmartList make it easier to view data and save favorites.

GP 2015 R2

GP 2016

GP 2016 R2

Display debits before credits

Import and export SmartLists from SmartList Designer

SmartList favorite protection

Analytical Accounting Transaction SmartLists now include more data

SmartLists created in SmartList Designer have default columns defined in the SmartList Options window

SmartList Designer SmartLists available in Advanced Lookups

Default SmartList Visibility – the ability to set a SmartList to be visible to the System, a specific company, a User Class or a specific user ID.

Export numbers to Excel, formatted as numbers


Create SmartList from the Favorite using SmartList Designer


Web Client

The web client lets users access Dynamics GP with just a web browser on any device. Each version brings new features and improvements to the web client.

GP 2015

GP 2016

GP 2016 R2


More updated appearance

Power BI on Web Client Home page

Canadian Payroll

Support for additional browsers and mobile devices


Open Web Client windows using search


Management Reporter

GP 2015

GP 2016 R2

Management Reporting navigation integration

Support secure connection (https) to Management Reporter service

Additional Management Reporter Integration Options means that you can choose either General Ledger and/or Analytical Accounting data when building reports


Other/Misc. New Features

GP 2015

GP 2015 R2

GP 2016

GP 2016 R2

Intercompany Enhancement - Inquiry screens shows more, including destination company and offset accounts used.

Automatically deposit cash receipts

Configurable OData Service points added

Indicate the name of person editing a batch in the message "Batch is being edited by another user"

Intercompany Enhancement - Change made in originating company is also made destination companies.

Date effective tax rates

OData Service deployment enhancements

Distribution Line Display opens expanded

Warning of vendors that have purchase orders - displays a warning that open purchase orders exist in the system before the transaction can be saved or posted.

Enable email on all Purchase Order and Sales Orders document types

Power BI reports can be added to home pages

Credit Limit Warning Calculation for unposted Credit Documents

Fixed Assets year-end close report

Sales visual for customer over credit limit

Budget import exception report

POP to FA Link to Include Taxes

Edit and re-send email messages that contain sales of purchasing documents

Self Service user type added

Scotia Bank EFT format added as a default EFT file format

Link credit card invoices to original invoices

Additional Payment Terms options

Historical Received Not Invoiced Report

Analytical Accounting user access settings

Add Bank Rec history table and do transaction history removal


Mask Employee Social Security Numbers on Reports

Payables batch credit card payment option

Save Fixed Asset ID with suffix


Combine General Ledger Inquiry

Deposit cash receipts batches automatically

SafePay file displays Check Name from the Check


Time Management App

Prepay purchase order total

Display Tax Percent for Historical Transactions


Service Based Architecture


Cancel PO when linked to a Requisition


Scriptable Provisioning & Management

Document Attach - Ability to scan multiple pages

Project Accounting -Timesheet Status Report


Document Attach - Edit attachments that flow to transactions

Project Accounting - Line Item Distributions added for all transaction entry windows in Project Accounting


Project Accounting enhancements – document attachments


Project Accounting enhancements - Project Accounting fields in Purchase Requisition Entry


Project Accounting enhancements - Add Unit Cost field in PTE Employee Expense window


Project Accounting enhancements - Project Time Entry reports added


Voting on New Features

Have you ever copied the Security of one user to a new user? Or sent a broadcast message to all users in the system? These are just 2 examples of new GP features that Prophet has suggested, that have become implemented in new releases of GP. Microsoft doesn’t choose the new features with each release arbitrarily, they listen to what their customers are asking for. It’s this type of collaboration between Microsoft and their user base that ensures their products are always up to date and able to meet their customers’ accounting needs.

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