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Turn off Posting Journals and Printing Journals with Dynamics GP              

Anyone who is processing transactions in Dynamics GP will probably find that when they choose to post their transaction they are prompted to print their ‘posting journals’ either to a printer or to the screen. In many cases there are multiple journals to print and this can be both a waste of time and a waste of paper as most of these journals can be printed later as required.

To turn off these Posting Journals in Dynamics GP, you’ll need to adjust the settings in Posting Setup.

Here’s how:

Navigate to Administration/Setup/Posting/Posting

Select the Series and the Origin of the Journal type you would like to edit.

In the Reports section, select the posting journals you would like to continue printing and deselect the ones that you would like to turn off.  In the Send To: section you will see the following icons:

Our example below has all reports set to “?” which will then prompt for print location. To change the location and select a different one(s) you simply deselect the “?” and select the appropriate default option. When selecting to print to file, you can choose the type of file and if you would like to append to an existing file or replace the file.

If you don’t require the report to print at all, simply deselect the check box under the “Print” column, you can still print them later if you wish.

Reprinting Posting Journals

If the posting journals ever need to be printed / reprinted, you simply go to the appropriate module, select reports and posting journals to print.

Purchasing / Reports / Posting Journals – there are a lot of different journals to choose from, so you would pick the one you would like to print (short list below) – selected Transaction Journal for this sample – click on ‘New’ or ‘Modify’ to enter the correct selection criteria, depending if a desirable option is already available.

In this case we are setting up a ‘New’ report called GP Demo and we want to sort and report by batch. The ‘Sort By:’ and ‘Ranges:’ have the same available options:

On the bottom right you will see a ‘destination’ button to be sure the report is sent to the correct device – in this case just screen.

Click on ‘OK’ for the report to print.

You can do this same exercise in the following modules:

  • Sales / Reports / Posting Journals
  • Inventory / Reports / Posting Journals
  • Financial / Reports / Cross-Reference

Should you have any questions, email our Microsoft GP support team or give us a call at 204-982-9890.

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