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Testing Your Links

Unforeseen data corruptions can cause major headaches; even if you’re the type of person who carefully saves data entries. The miniscule bits and bytes of information that comprise your data are remarkably intricate and highly organized. All it takes is a minor power outage or service interruption in your IT network and the data tables you’ve painstakingly built can be corrupted.

Corruption events are not always as obvious as electricity or network interruptions. Unexplained alert messages, inaccurate report data, or an inability to open windows can also indicate damage. The Check Links tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP helps correct these problems.

Running Check Links is a great first response if you suspect data corruption. Check Links references stored information in more than one table of a group. If information in one table is missing or corrupted, Check Links examines related tables and re-creates the corrupted record.

An example of this is when a payables transaction shows in History, but the apply information is missing from the record. Check Links will examine the data and repair any missing relationships where possible. In the payables example, it will either properly link the apply information to the payable, or it may remove a damaged apply record and put the payable back into an Open status.

If you have administrative access, you can run Check Links by choosing: File> Maintenance> Check Links

NOTE: It’s always best practice to take a backup of your company database prior to running Check Links.

Prophet Business Group’s team in Winnipeg offers many tips to Dynamics GP users to help locate and resolve data corruptions. If you have encountered a problem that prevents you from building your data tables, call us at 204-982-9890 and talk with one of our expert software consultants. Let Prophet’s team be your guide to problem-solving and productivity.

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