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Microsoft Teams Tips and New Features

Microsoft Teams usage has exploded recently. Here are some tips and new features you may not be using inside of teams. These can increase your productivity and make teams easier to use.


Allows you to save content for quick reference in the future.

  • Select the options button on a message and click save this message.
  • Go to saved messages by right clicking on your profile and select Saved or type /Saved in the command bar at the top.


Similar to using @mention tags allow you to create a new group which may not be visible to everyone in a channel or team.

To create tags for a team, click on the options buttonto the right of the team name and select manage tags.

This will also you to create a tag name and then assign a subset of users to this tag.

To use the tag you can then @mention with the tag name example @WebinarTeam. This will only notify users belonging to this tag.

Emailing a channel

Emailing a channel allows communication in an email, sending it to the team channel and moves the conversation to teams.

To get the email address right click on the channel and select get email address. You can then send an email to this address and it will show as a new conversation in teams.

Testing of video and microphone

Ensure video and microphone are working correctly before jumping on a call.

  1. Click on picture logo in top right and go to settings
  2. Select devices in settings
  3. Click on make a test call

This will allow you to record a quick test call and have it played back to you.

Using reply in chat

Use the reply button instead of starting a new conversion when replying in a channel. This will ensure all communication related to that conversion are part of a treaded conversion vs being a new conversion.

Using the command bar

Using the command bar allows you quickly accomplish tasks in teams.

Typing / in the command bar at the top of teams will allow you to see commands available.

Some of the ones that can increase productivity are:

  • /activity to see someone’s activity in teams.
  • /available or /away to setup your teams status
  • /Mentions to see your mentions in teams
  • /chat to quickly chat with someone in your organization.
  • /keys to see shortcut keys

Using the Navigation buttons

It is easy to go back to the last things you were working on a team, file, message, etc by using the navigation button in the top left.

These buttons allow you to move back and forward.

Using Zoom in and out

Allow you to zoom in on someone’s screen during a meeting when there are sharing something with you, and you may have different screen resolutions.

Ctrl +, to zoom in. Ctrl – to zoom out. Ctrl and the mouse scroll wheel will allow you to zoom in and out.

Sharing your screen in a meeting

You can show your desktop, a specific app, presentation, or any file while in a meeting.

Select Share

Select what you want to share:

  • Desktop lets you show everything on your screen.
  • Window lets you show a specific app.
  • PowerPoint lets you show a presentation.
  • Browse lets you find the file you want to show.

After you select what you want to show, a red border surrounds what you're sharing.

Select Stop sharing to stop showing your screen.

Blur your background in teams

Allows you to blue your background.

During a meeting click on the more options >Select Blur my background.

** Coming soon ** you will also be able to set your background in teams to different backgrounds. In the future you will also be able to insert your own background.

Private channels

This allows you to set your own separate private channel without creating a whole new channel within a team. Communication in this private channel is only visible to members of the private channel.This allows you to have a private channel without creating a new team for just a certain group of people.This feature greatly minimizes the number of teams in an organization.

Microsoft teams mobile tips

Did you know you can use teams on your mobile device.

  • You can share your location from your mobile device
  • Ability to record and share audio messages
  • Customization of navigation in teams

Use the mute and unmute buttons during teams meetings.

Using the mute button during a meeting allows for a better experience as background noise in not picked up. Learn to mute and unmute yourself in a teams meeting and make a teams meeting run a lot more smoothly.

Quick audio or video call with someone

In the chat conversation you are having with someone click on the video or call icon in the top right to have a quick call with someone.

Rich Text Editing

When typing a message to someone you click on the Format icon just below the conversation box. This allows you to rich text format your message.

We have only outlined some of the new features and a few tips. The Microsoft Teams product continues to be developed and they are continually adding new features and enhancements to the product on a monthly basis.

If you would like to get started with using Microsoft Teams or have questions about the product contact us to learn more about Microsoft Teams.

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