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Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

When it comes to accounting, it’s invaluable to a business to be able to access customized data and analyze it in an organized and efficient way.

This is what makes Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Smartlist feature so helpful. It allows users to make their own list-based reports from the data in their databases. Not only can users create and save predefined reports, but Smartlist also gives them the ability to export directly to Microsoft Excel or Word.

For example, if you are looking for a list of customers who have outstanding invoices, you could print a Trial Balance report to get the information, but you can also further customize the report to give you even more information. Maybe you’d like to view only the customers who owe a specific dollar amount or maybe you’re looking for customers who are inside Manitoba or within the Winnipeg perimeter.

Once the list is built, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives the option to export the data into an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document. That way, it can be further customized or formatted by you.

If you aren’t ready to export the list, it can also be saved for further viewing or customization later. It can also be duplicated so that you can generate a different list with the same criteria for each month.

Once the Smartlist has been created, you also have the ability to define who is able to view the list. You can choose to make a list private or you can share it with a specific group of people.

If you have further questions about how Smartlists can be used to help you better analyze the efficiency of your business, contact us in Winnipeg at 204-982-9890. Prophet Business Group is here to provide support on all the features of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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