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Should My Company Use Leads in CRM?

Dynamics 365 includes a great way to capture and qualify potential leads for your business. In fact, this is a rare feature in many of today’s CRM platforms. While it’s completely optional to use Leads in Dynamics 365, let’s dig into why your organization should consider using this tool.

BUT WAIT… Isn’t any chance to sell something an “Opportunity” for my company?

Not always!

The usefulness of using Leads is apparent when you create a time or quality gap between what is considered a “Lead” versus what is considered an “Opportunity”:

  • Hot Leads may “cool” rapidly. Cool leads generally require different treatment in your sales process.

  • Your quoting, consultation, or account creation process is complex and involved; vetting and qualifying a lead before time is spent on pursuing a sale is critical.

  • Sober-second thought. All of us in Sales know, sometimes we reach a gatekeeper who agrees to receive information to simply get us off the sales call.

  • You have a hardworking Marketing department able to produce bulk Leads. Include them in CRM for tracking and reporting (rather than using Excel), but only allow quality Leads to become Opportunities.

  • Lead records are fast and simple, you can even “Quick Create” then with Dynamics 365 for Outlook. The information collected can be as simple as the information contained on a business card you find in your pocket. This generates a potential touch-point, actually “talking” to the lead to validate and qualify their interest.


For more information on adding Leads to Dynamics 365, and tracking Leads through the qualification process, watch our on-demand webinar “Leading With Leads” where Ryan takes you through a high-level overview of the Leads entity.

A few potential reasons to avoid using Leads:

  • Your customer base is finite.

  • Your market is small, or prospecting is business restrictive.

  • You have irregular or lengthy sales cycles.

In the cases above, entering a new contact directly into an Opportunity with a linked Account may be the best procedure.

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