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Security Groups in Business Central

When looking at some environments in the Business Central Admin Centre, I noticed a new column called Security Group. I had never seen this column before and wondered what it was all about. After looking into it, I found that you can assign an Azure AD Group to the environment and restrict it to the members of that group. Otherwise, all licensed users can access it as they could before. I can't imagine a case where you might want to do this in a production environment, but it could be useful in a Sandbox environment designed for development and testing. This could be a quick way to lock out most of the regular users and give access to the environment to a specialized team within your organization so they can do their work without worrying about someone else interrupting their workflow. 

In order to set it, you have to click into the environment. Below you will see the security group is not set. Click on Define hyperlink. 

This will open the next window where you can search or select existing group. If you don't have any security groups, you will have to contact your Azure administrator to create one and add the team members you want. 

Note that all licensed users will be added to the environment and that it only restricts to the security group if you define it. Also, security groups don't apply to administrators. All local and delegate admins can freely sign-in to all environments regardless of the assigned groups. 


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