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Business Central Quick Tip

Using CTRL+A

Whether you are a seasoned Business Central user or new to the system, there’s always something to be learned. As someone who has been using the system for a few years, this one caught me off guard. I’m talking about the ability to select all of the lines of a journal by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A.

If you are on a Business Central journal or transaction that has multiple lines entered, you can select all of those lines using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A. This will eliminate the need to choose the Show more options button, click select more and then choose all lines this way. 

It’s wonderful how Microsoft has utilized keyboard shortcuts that we’re familiar with in Excel and Word and has integrated them into Business Central. So the next time that you’re on a journal and need to select all the lines to delete, remember to try this shortcut to quickly select all of the lines.

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