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Business Central Quick Tip - Saving Filtered Views

One of the best updates to Business Central is the ability to save your applied filters in any list that you are working on, these saved filters are called Views. Having a saved View allows you to switch easily between your filtered criteria in a list, leading to efficiencies in investigating discrepancies and performing quick checks on balances. Let’s take a look at how these views work.

On my Chart of Accounts if I click on the filter icon on the right hand side of the page I am able to open up a filter pane on the left hand side. Then using a filter I can narrow down the information that is presented in the list. For example, if I only want to see Income Statement Accounts I can filter the list for this criteria by clicking on “Filter list by:” and then choosing the Income/Balance column. Since the Income/Balance column has two options I would choose Income Statement, and the results of the list would dynamically change and only display Income Statement accounts. Notice that once the filter is applied a filter icon appears over the Income/Balance column to show that there is a filter applied against this column.

To save the View simply click on the save icon in the filter pane and give your View a name.

Now you are ready to use this View whenever you want. You can have many views and can even apply filters to hidden columns. Start playing around with Views and filters today to make your Business Central experience fit your needs.

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