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Business Central - Quick Tip

One of the most useful new features in Business Central is the ability to bookmark pages, allowing you to access pages right from the homepage of Business Central. An example I like to use, is the Account Schedules. Previous to bookmarking we would have to use the search box and type in “account schedules” each time we wanted to access the page. Now, we simply click the bookmark button and the page that we bookmarked will appear on our role center.

The bookmark button has been added to the row of buttons in the top right hand corner of each pageis only one of the many great features added in the newest release.

Using our example of Account Schedules, I will click on the bookmark button to add the Account Schedules to our Role Center, once we have bookmarked the page we will see that the bookmark icon fills in, giving us a visual indication that the page has been bookmarked: 

Now, when we navigate back to our Role Center we can see that the Account Schedule page can be accessed with only 1 mouse-click:

The ability to bookmark pages allows you to jump right to a favorite window without having to use the search box, saving many mouse clicks and frustration.

If you have not seen the our webinar on the newest features of Business Central you should check it out, bookmarking is only one of the many great features added in the newest release. Should you have any questions, email our support team or give us a call at 204-982-9890.


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