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Popdock and Microsoft GP

Are you jumping from one reporting application to another? Save time and frustration with Popdock. What is Popdock you ask?  Popdock is a cross application reporting platform for the everyday user. It is like GP SmartLists and eOne solutions SmartView, but with a lot of enhanced features. It allows you to access the data you need, wherever you want it. It is fast and allows for real-time data access. You can embed external data in any application and no integration is required. It is one interface for reporting from any system. It allows you to have scheduled exceptions reporting. There are lots of different connections to other applications and there is a rest API connector as well that would allow you to connect to any other application that have rest API endpoints. Data is viewable in mobile, web, desktop and excel.

How it works with GP data

I can pull data from existing SmartLists, extender lists, SmartList builder lists, SmartList designer, tables, and views in SQL. Once I have a list created, I can add new columns to create a list with only the columns I want. I can also move columns around and save and create a new favorite. Another powerful feature is I can group data and create subtotals by group. Like SmartView I can add as many filters as I want getting around the 4 filters that GP SmartLists have. In the Popdock lists I also have very strong search capabilities. I can search for part of a string or number.

When looking at the features of GP connector. I already have lists created for all the out of the box SmartLists and these are in the same groups that I would find in GP SmartLists. You can also create custom lists and mash data from different sources together. Example is that I can compare 2 lists, join multiple lists, and create lists that merges multiple lists together. 

Working with lists inside of GP

I can attach Popdock lists to existing windows or forms in GP. This allow lists to be restricted to only the record I am looking at. Example of this would be if I am on the customer maintenance window and have a customer ID selected. I could then bring up a sales transaction list that could show me only sales document for that customer. I could also pull UPS tickets for only that customer from a different list that is referencing data outside of GP.

I have only scratched the surface of what is possible with Popdock. Popdocks license model is a subscription model and is priced on a per user per month plan. If you would like to see a demo of the product, contact our Microsoft GP support team and we would be glad to schedule a demo for you.

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