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Personas in Google Chrome

An easy way to stay organized when working with Office 365 and D365 is to use personas in Google Chrome. Personas allow you to setup a separate profile without setting up a separate Gmail account. Each persona you set up has its own list of bookmarks, extensions, and settings.

To create a new persona, you need to do the following:

1. Open Chrome

2. Click the existing account you are logged in with

3. Click on Manage People

4. Click on Add Person

5. Create a name for your persona and assign an icon to that user

You can also create a separate desktop icon associated with the new persona.

Using this method you can create a separate login to D365 or as your homepage. You can setup separate bookmarks to different applications and even store your password in your browser to allow for quicker login depending on security requirements in your organization.

You can also use this method to open links as a different persona. Right click on the link and select open link as a different person. Using different personas also restricts how the internet tracks activity using cookies. 

This method also allows you to setup a separate profile for work vs personal on a work computer. You can use this method to be logged into different social media accounts at the same time, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can also manage extensions using this method. Every extension you have loaded into chrome needs some CPU and RAM to function. You may only want certain extensions associated with a specific profile. An example could be a shopping related extension. You may only have this load on a shipping profile.

As you can see with personas you can be signed into multiple accounts at the same time, allowing you keep work and personal activity separate.

If you would like more information on how to set up different personas contact us today.

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