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Outlook Shortcuts

Whether it travels to the cloud or through a local server, email still reigns as our primary method of business communication. Much of your day is likely spent managing the time consuming task of Inbox messages; especially if you’re a manager or business owner.

Microsoft feels your pain and has designed many keyboard shortcuts into Microsoft Outlook 2010 to help you quickly process your email, and the easy part to remember is that the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard initiates many of the shortcuts.

For starters, if you often navigate between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts, you can reduce your mouse navigation by pressing:
Ctrl 1 – Mail
Ctrl 2 – Calendar
Ctrl 3 – Contacts
Ctrl 4 – Tasks

Need to remind yourself what was said in a past email? Type the name of the person or keyword into your Inbox Search bar.

Ctrl E – type sender’s name or keyword

Refine your search with the arrow keys by selecting one of the options: KeywordFrom, or Subject

If this does not give you the results you need, use the following shortcut to search all mail items:

Ctrl – Alt – A

Eureka, you’ve found it!

These simple tools from Microsoft will help save you time and make your workday less hectic. If you would like to learn more about keyboard shortcuts in Outlook 2010, go to Office 2010’s website.

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