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Microsoft Teams – The Impact on Your Business

So is there substance to Microsoft Teams or is it just a lot of hot air...Can Microsoft Teams really make a difference at my organization, even though I’m not a Fortune 100 Company? The answer… Yes!

Microsoft frequently partners with Forrester Consulting to research the economic impact their productivity solutions have on organizations around the world. In their recent publication, Total Economic Impact™ study of Microsoft Teams, Forrester dives right into the data of just how much change Teams is leading. Here are some highlights from the 260+ organizations surveyed for the study:

  • Supporting communication across regions and time zones is still challenging.
  • Enabling employees to stay productive on-the-go is becoming more important.
  • Improving communication and collaboration is vital for increasingly competitive markets.
  • Organizations using Microsoft Teams see an average reduction in meetings by 18.9% each week.
  • 45 minutes per week are saved by firstline workers collaborating with colleagues.
  • 88% of the study respondents saw great value if having company information collected and stored “in one place”.
  • Decision making processes are greatly improved and stakeholders are able to make decisions faster.

When we boil these trends down to actual Prophet Business Group customers creating actual business outcomes by implementing Microsoft Teams. Here are the top trends we have noticed over the past year:

  1. Microsoft Teams reduces the need for meetings, and reduces the total duration of meetings that do take place. The online meeting experience has improved with Teams, and having presentation and materials to review all in one place saves time… and money!

  2. Co-authoring, working together, and sharing working with colleagues is saving a LOT of time.

  3. End-users are saving time and staying productive by not having to switch between various applications. Teams is a hub, and for great reason – maintain your focus and stay on track.

  4. Having company resources available in Teams is reducing downtime. That form you need on-the-go can be made available in the Teams mobile app, so you’re never out-of-touch.

Product momentum is one thing… the excitement around Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for small businesses is another. But being able to clearly demonstrate the value Teams can bring to an organization is obvious. At Prophet Business Group we are encouraged by Microsoft’s focus and development of Microsoft Teams – contact us today to see what your workplace can do with Microsoft Teams!

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