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There is more to Orlando than Mickey! There is Microsoft Summit

What is Summit you ask? Summit is the flagship event hosted by Dynamics Communities that brings users and partners together for education and networking, across the complete offering of Microsoft business applications:

  • Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics NAV and Business Central
  • Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • Microsoft Power Platform (Flow, Power BI, and Power Apps)

In the Spring of 2019, Ian submitted suggestions for presentations and was fortunate enough to have two of his submissions accepted. This is his recap.

For our presentation on D365 Goals I challenged Dgndy to recalculate the sales goals more often than the 24 hours that is the D365 default (you can make that get less frequent but not more frequent). This allowed me to use Power BI to report on several sales goals at once by using the Power BI App Slide Show Feature. I further challenged Dgndy to see if we could get an automated email to tell us when the goal was either close to being met or was met. Dgndy was able to achieve this with Microsoft Flow.

What is a Goal in D365?

Use Goals to track progress toward achieving a targeted value of something. What kind of something? Almost anything, including:

  • Quantity of units sold
  • Dollar value of units sold
  • Number of phone calls placed
  • Number of leads converted to accounts

What goes into a Goal?

  • General Information
    • Parent Goal
    • Goal Metric
  • Time Period
    • Quarter and Year
    • Custom
  • Target
  • Goal Criteria

The key to a goal is the Goal Metric

  • Goal Metrics are the evaluator of the goal
  • Metrics can Count things or Add together Amounts
    • Count Metric has a Data Type of Integer
    • Amount Metric has three Data Types
      • Money tracks revenues
      • Decimal tracks things with decimals
      • Integer track a quantity
  • Think about the data type that you are tracking to select the correct metric setting
    • Ex Sum quantity sold needs to be a decimal as you could sell 2.5 FEET, even if you are in an environment that only sells EACH

Challenge one accepted

Dgndy found a solution on the Dynamics community where you can recalculate goal on workflow:

  • Match the goal metric and the workflow trigger

    • If goal metric increase goal gets recalculated.

  • Identify goals owner and goal fiscal period.

  • Manage condition in the workflow to recalculate the specific goal

Challenge two accepted

When should the email be sent? Two options, when the goal is met and when the goal is almost met (95% completed)

  • How? Custom workflow that triggers every time the percentage complete of the goal changes.

  • Setup two emails messages - manage condition to send emails.

With the recalculation in place I was able to use the slide show feature of the Power BI app. I made a report with several tabs, showing the different goals inside D365 and the achievement toward that goal.

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