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Small and medium-sized businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses running Windows will get a pleasant surprise when Windows 8 is released this year. Microsoft is limiting the frequency of Windows Update restarts.

The regular requirement to reboot your system to install updates can be a minor annoyance, but it regularly gets in the way of millions of businesses. This is simply because forced restarts may interrupt you right in the middle of something important.

With Windows 8, Microsoft will require forced restarts as little as once per month except in cases where critical security updates are issued.

Windows Update exists for two reasons: first, it downloads vital security patches that help to protect computer users from malware, and second, it allows millions of computers to get those updates at the same time, which minimizes the ability of malware to go viral.

For many office environments, forced restarts are not a big issue, because systems are programmed to do this after hours. But many businesses have mobile workforces using laptops or computer networks that they never shut down unless they need to.

Prophet Business Group’s IT consultants are completely familiar with all Windows operating systems from XP and Vista to Windows 7. If you need help ensuring your network is protected from malware, please contact us. We can fine tune your systems so they’re keeping your business efficient, profitable and secure. We deliver network solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises across Manitoba and Western Canada.

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