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GP 2018.3 New Features

Microsoft GP 2018.3 was released on October 5th. This release has some nice new features and bug fixes. Microsoft GP is now on the Modern Lifecycle starting with the 18.2 release, which means you need only apply an .msp file, no DVD is required.

The Microsoft GP Template issue with the Office update has been fixed in this release.

Here is a listing of the important new features that have been added.

System Enhancements

Support for MFA

  • Will have the ability to use Multi-Factor Authentication for e-mail functionality.

TLS 1.2 support

  • Now able to function with TSL 1.0 and 1.1 disabled.

Maximum print output to screen

  • When you print reports to screen, they will now be maximized. No more going to the top right to make report maximized each time you print to screen.

Bulk edit Smartlist columns

  • New column added to Smartlist edit. This will allow you to select multiple columns and remove all at once.

Scheduled Check links

  • Can now schedule check links. Will need to setup report scheduler for this to work.

  • Save per user column layouts on home page.

Financial Enhancements

Automate full General Ledger Reconcile

  • This will allow you to run reconcile on Financial info vs starting with the oldest year and then doing each year individually.

  • There is now an All button.

  • Additional User Defined fields in the General Ledger Transaction Entry.

This will allow you to have 2 extra fields that will print on General posting journal and be visible on the Journal Entry inquiry window. Additional fields also available on Smartlists.

Match Excel Copy/Paste decimals places to currency setup

  • Previous copy and paste feature ignored the decimal/Thousand separators in the currency setup. This update uses the decimal places defined in currency setup instead of the data in Excel.

Copy and Paste Purchasing Transactions and Distributions

  • Similar to copy/Paste in the General Ledger but for PM Transactions and PM Distributions.

Import Credit Card Transactions

  • Import of a credit card statement to a vendor account. Will be able to import as payable invoices or manual payments.
  • Remove Fully applied Multicurrency documents from PM HATB.

Distribution Enhancements

Export/Import stock counts to Excel

  • You now can start a stock count and then export to excel, update the value and import back into the stock count in GP.

Print all Sales Documents

  • You now can print all documents in a batch regardless if it was emailed or not. You can also setup to only print documents if they have not been emailed in a batch.

Disable system print dialog box when printing a word template

  • You can now use Named printers with Word Templates. No more print dialog when using templates.

This list of new features are ones we think most of our clients will take advantage of.  Prophet will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, November 4th to show these new features in action. 

If you would like Microsoft to include something you are not finding in the application please visit Categories ( and suggest or vote on other proposed ideas.  Microsoft usually pulls new features from these pages.

Please remember that some ISV third party products will not be compatible from on the day of release and should be shortly after.

Contact the GP support team if you have any questions or would like to book your upgrade.

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