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It’s that time of year again when people come together and empty their wallets in exchange for all kinds of goodies in celebration of different traditions. The holidays are a joyful time, filled with great parties, delicious food, and fun presents. It’s no wonder why this is an important time of year for vendors.

Since the advent of the World Wide Web and eCommerce, online holiday shopping has been growing increasingly popular. There are many benefits and incentives for consumers to make the shift to purchasing their items electronically, and all signs point to this trend continuing to grow. For businesses that aren’t already selling online, this means that they are missing out on a large segment of the holiday market.

Just as buying online makes it easier for a lot of customers to get through their lists, selling online can be easy and very beneficial to an organization’s growth. We have compiled an infographic to demonstrate why people prefer to purchase online during this time of year, how much they are spending, and some tips on how you can improve their online shopping experience.

Implementing an eCommerce solution that integrates to Microsoft Dynamics will allow you to reap the benefits of the holiday season by helping you expand your online business online easily and efficiently. Contact your Prophet representative today to discover the full potential of k-eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics.

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