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With its X-Force, IBM has assembled one of the best-known security research groups in the tech world. This effort underscores IBM’s dedication to alert you to the latest and most threatening viruses and malware on the Internet.

X-Force takes a proactive approach to Internet security and creates strategies to protect the world’s online community. It produces the influential Threat Insight Quarterly in cooperation with IBM Managed Security Services. This report highlights some of the most significant online threats and challenges that face security professionals. Based on this, X-Force develops countermeasure technology for IBM security products to help protect Internet users from harm.

Unlike the earliest and mostly benign viruses of 40 years ago, X-Force believes that malicious code-writers are preparing to heavily target mobile devices. Mobile devices are more susceptible to malware because of their accessibility to third-party apps. Malicious code-writers are eager to exploit this rapidly growing sector as they can monetize an infected phone through text messages. Personal information theft also remains to be a major concern.

The first known computer virus, named, Creeper, was written in 1971. This worm virus was built as a demonstration and it spread across an entire network with a simple text message, “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can.” It wasn’t written with malicious intent, but more as an example of the capabilities of self-replicating code (a type of computer code that indefinitely repeats and interrupts computers). This sophomore event is a far cry from what the report says the public can expect for the remainder of 2011.

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If you suspect your mobile device or computer is at risk, your instincts may be telling you something.

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