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Dynamics GP Window Notes

Having difficulty remembering how to do make an entry in GP? Trying to remember how to print cheques while an employee is on vacation? Having trouble locating your printed documentation? Try Dynamics GP Window Notes.

Window Notes are notes that can be attached to individual windows throughout your system. Window Note buttons are located at a corner of a window and are typically used for instructions on what to do in a particular window. Notes can be edited and reattached, or deleted.

If several people are entering information on the same note, you may want to identify each entry with a date and the user ID of the person entering the note. With a click of a button you can view customized instructions relating to your internal procedures.

How to set up Windows Notes:

1. In Dynamics GP, select Sales from the Navigation Pane. Select Customer on the Area Page under Cards.
2. Click on the small, white note in the lower right-hand side corner of the window.
3. Enter the notes.
4. Click on Attach to save the note.

Notice that once a Window Note has information entered and attached, the icon changes from an empty white note to a yellow one with writing on it, designed to indicate the presence of information to the users.

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