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Malware Attacking Bank Accounts

As malware becomes more and more sophisticated, it is more important than ever to protect yourself and your business from malware attacks.

Computer security firm, Trusteer, recently reported that a new malware virus attacked some customers’ online bank accounts during the holiday season.

In the past, we’ve seen malware attacks on bank accounts occur at three different stages:

  • – during the login phase; designed to capture login information
  • – after the login phase; designed to trick the victim into providing personal information or downloading malware
  • – at the transaction phase; tampering with transactions by changing payee details or the amount

It’s been reported that attacks are also happening at the post-transaction phase. This means that the attack happens after the transaction has already gone through.

In that scenario, the next time users log into their bank accounts online, the malware hides or replaces their actual balances with fraudulent totals. It also hides the transaction when the user visits their recent transactions page. It is designed to hide the illegitimate activity for as long as possible so the victim doesn’t suspect that anything’s wrong.

Although many banks are encouraging customers to go paperless, Trusteer says that the bank statement that arrives in the mail will show the correct balance of the account.

As malware attacks become more and more advanced, it becomes increasingly important to keep your malware and virus protection software up to date, especially if Internet and online banking are an essential part of your personal and business life.

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