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Dynamics GP Shortcuts

Life is busy, especially when you have a job to do or a business to run. Any shortcut we can use to get something done quicker is often appreciated. Quick and easy is what Microsoft Dynamics GP is all about, and it has a variety of keyboard shortcuts to help you accomplish things faster.

We’ve put together a sample of the simplest and most effective keyboard shortcuts that will make navigating your desktop even easier than it already is.

  • ALT + M – Opens the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu on the main toolbar.
  • ALT + R – Activates the Reports menu.
  • ALT + A – Activates the Transactions menu.
  • ALT + I – Activates the Inquiry menu.
  • ALT + C – Activates the Cards menu.
  • ALT + H – Activates the Help menu.
  • CTRL + L – Opens a lookup window.

When you activate a menu, you can navigate with your arrow keys to the selection you want, and then press Enter to make the selection.

Dynamics GP works just like other Microsoft programs so the standard shortcuts still apply. For example, if you want to copy something, CTRL + C still applies. And when you’re ready to paste, CTRL + V is the way to do it.

These shortcuts are all designed to make your life easier and to save you time.

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