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Microsoft GP Quick Tip - March, 2019

This month’s GP quick tip is going to help users who have GL to sub-ledger discrepancies. Whether those differences are in the AR, AP, Inventory or Bank modules the built-in Reconcile to GL utility is a great place to start when attempting to discover what those discrepancies are. What the Reconcile to GL routine is doing is looking at your GP data for the date range specified and matching GL transactions to their related sub-ledger transactions. When the Reconcile to GL routine is finished, it will produce an Excel Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will be split into three sections; Unmatched Transactions, Potentially Matched Transactions and Matched Transactions. For the purposes of reconciling, you will want to focus on the Unmatched Transactions section. On the right side of the Unmatched Transactions section will be transactions that hit the GL, but not the sub-ledger. And on the left side of the Unmatched Transactions section is transactions that hit the sub-ledger but for which there is no related GL transaction.

To run this feature navigate to Financial > Routines > Reconcile to GL. This will bring up the Reconcile to GL window.

From here, you can enter in the information required to run the routine:

Reconciliation Date – this is the date that the reconciliation was run on, it has no effect on the returned data.

  • Date Range – choose a relevant date range for your reconciliation.
  • Module – choose if you’re looking for AR, AP, Bank or Inventory discrepancies.
  • Output File – the location on your computer where you want the file to be saved.
  • Accounts – choose the relevant control account for the module. For example, if you are running the reconciliation for Receivables Management you will want to choose the corresponding AR control account in the GL. (To delete an account, right click on the line and select delete row).

The Reconcile to GL routine eliminates the tedious task of reconciling your sub-ledgers to the GL. Hopefully you’ll be able to use it to quickly and efficiently identify any GL to sub-ledger outages you may have.

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