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Use Calendar to Drill to Dates

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a handy calendar that you can use to drill directly into dates. This makes selecting dates using your mouse incredibly easy and efficient if you know how to use it. To access the calendar click on the calendar button that is visible in any date field in GP.

You’ll be able to drill down into the calendar date levels (month  >  year > decade) by clicking on the date headers circled below in the calendars.

Another convenient feature of this calendar is that you can jump directly to today’s date by clicking on the today’s date hyperlink at the bottom of the calendar.

In our opinion, the most efficient way to enter dates is keying them in using your keyboard

For example if you want to post on September 01, 2018, you only have to enter “1”, press tab, and GP will populate 09/01/2018. The month and the year will automatically populate based on your GP User Date. A 90% reduction in keystrokes!

Nevertheless, Microsoft likes to give many options for entering data and the date calendar is a great secondary option for date entry within GP.

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