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Dynamics User Group 2018

Prophet held its 2018 Dynamics User Group on November 7th, 2018 and we were fortunate to have several partners/sponsors join us for the day. Big thank you to Njevity - PowerGP Online, eOne Solutions, Sana Commerce, Vivid Reports, Joe Software Inc. and Lenovo. 

Here is a brief summary of what each partner brings to the GP community!

NJEVITY -  PowerGP Online

PowerGP Online is built on Microsoft Dynamics GP and is powered by the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

Moving to the cloud with Dynamics GP is easy and you get to keep all of your data. Plus, PowerGP Online includes new Dynamics GP functionality as well as powerful integration and data update tools.

eOne Solutions

Integrate and Automate without Code

The majority of business solutions today require some type of integration – and eOne SmartConnect can help you implement a plan to streamline business processes and eliminate unnecessary manual entry.

Anyone who wants to integrate Dynamics GP with Salesforce or D365 Sales, or with Shopify, or with virtually anything… can use eOne.

Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce lets you integrate your web store with your Dynamics GP system instead of rebuilding existing business logic and data. Let GP do the heavy lifting by using classifications and categorizations that are already stored in GP to build your web store’s product catalogue structure. Your online web store should display accurate real-time inventory and pricing. Sana uses pricing direct from GP, so if the price is right in GP, it will be right on your web store. And Sana checks inventory levels directly in GP during your online order process, making it impossible to sell out of stock items. Sana handles the basics to allow you to focus on your own personalized e-commerce marketing.

Vivid Reports

Advanced Business Intelligence, Financial Reporting and Budgeting software.

Vivid reports makes your data mean something. It gives you the intelligence and insights you need to make informed decisions without taking a lot of your time.

Vivid took the formula out of the equation. It integrates seamlessly with Excel, without the use of formulas or functions.

Joe Software Inc.

Software that works with you, grows with you, and changes with your needs. Penny employee self-service software gives employees fast, direct access to their payroll and scheduling information through a convenient, simple, browser-based interface.

Spencer expense management software gets rid of the tiny receipts that go astray between incurring expenses and the monthly hassle of claiming them. 

Marshal OH&S management software lets you arm your safety champion with a simple, cost-effective, highly flexible system to capture, track and manage OH&S Requirements. 


Products for every workplace challenge. Running an SMB Business can be tough, and IT issues can make it even tougher. But, with the right partner, the right devices and the right services, you can optimize your workspace by reducing downtime, while increasing IT automation. 

If you would like more information on Prophet or our partners contact us or give us a call 204 982 9890.

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At Prophet we understand that software is just a starting point and we’re focused on delivering solutions that drive accountability, efficiency and growth. Whether you’re outsourcing or looking for someone to work with your team, it’s important to have a partner you have confidence in.

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