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Connecting GP to Dynamics CRM

Cats and dogs, me and my in-laws, sales and accounting; some things in this world just don’t get along. There’s nothing Prophet can do about the first two, but Microsoft has given us a way to move data between Dynamics GP accounting software and Dynamics CRM sales management software.

The Dynamics GP Connector is a free tool that allows companies using both Dynamics CRM and GP to integrate sales data from CRM into a financial system in GP. This eliminates the need for endless Excel exports, expensive third-party integration tools and gives users in both sales and accounting a real-time view of customers, orders, invoices and more.

The most common question our clients ask about the GP connector is how it connects the two systems and which way the data flows. You can consult the chart above or get the Coles Notes version below.

  • Customer information in GP translates to Accounts or Contacts in CRM.
  • Sales Orders flow freely between CRM and GP.
  • Invoices, pricing and inventory information are pushed from GP to CRM.

The Dynamics GP Connector is a fantastic tool for any organization using both Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP. It’s also valuable to organizations that use one or the other, as it offers – for free – a level of integration that doesn’t exist out of the box with a lot of other applications. Microsoft has always pitched easy integration as a big benefit of their solutions and the Dynamics GP Connector brings that to your sales and accounting teams.

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