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User Security Dynamics GP 2010

A successful, growing business shouldn’t be limited by its accounting software. If your accounting department grows, one of the great things about Microsoft Dynamics GP is that the number of users can grow with you. It’s an accounting advantage that saves your business time and money whether you’re doing business in Winnipeg or around the world. But in order to maintain internal controls, it’s important that you create individual security settings. Microsoft created a solution for this when it built Dynamics GP 2010.

Security access in Dynamics GP is based on roles and tasks and can only be assigned by a system administrator. Each role permits only allowed operations. For example, a person who has the role of Accounts Payable Clerk has the task of creating payables cheques.

We’ve listed a few Dynamics GP best practices for security administrators below:

  • If an existing role meets your needs, assign the new roles to your users. If it doesn’t, you must build new job roles.
  • Do not modify the built-in job roles – copy and rename.
  • Use a number or special character at the beginning of a custom role or task to bring it to the top of the list.
  • Add the tasks you need to the new job role (usually the built-in tasks are sufficient)

It’s important that your employees understand security settings once they are set. Separation of duties is an important part of accounting, and allowing the right people the proper access helps guard against user error. This can help during periods of audits. Detailed reports help auditors determine who performed a particular operation in case any errors in information or questions arise. This makes the process much faster and creates far less confusion.

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