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Dynamics CRM - Managing Collections in CRM

It shouldn’t be news that CRM can add value beyond sales. (Marketing and Customer Service are part of the Holy Trinity of Dynamics CRM, after all.) What might be news is that even the accounting department can benefit from using CRM. At our latest user group we showed off a way to manage collections in CRM and we’re going to break it down for you.


The first step in collections management involves pulling your invoices into CRM from Dynamics GP or another ERP system. We won’t go into the details of that link here but it’s what SmartConnect – one of our favorite partners! – was made for.

Once the link is made you’ll be able to view and modify all the invoices in your CRM in real time. From there, it’s a simple matter to set up views to show you only the invoices which are 30/60/90 days overdue.


Viewing and modifying invoices is functionality that already exists in your ERP. Where CRM starts to add value is when you start making calls regarding outstanding invoices. There’s no good way to record that activity in an ERP system and Dynamics GP doesn’t have a robust contact management system.

CRM allows you to track activity directly on an individual invoice, so anyone that’s trying to collect on that invoice will see a history of all the collections activity. Also, since the invoice is linked to an Account, all the contact information is at the fingers of the collections person.


Using CRM for collections gives the accounting department a tool for tracking collections activities but it also makes the information visible to the rest of the organization. Now an account manager can see all the invoices – outstanding or otherwise – when viewing the Account record or get an update on an outstanding invoice without bothering the collections person.

Using CRM for collections doesn’t involve radical customizations. It doesn’t require any special training and it brings the same benefits – transparency, efficiency, accountability – to accounting as it does to sales. What it does offer is a way to get even more value out of Dynamics CRM and a window into all of the other ways you can use CRM that you may not have considered.

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