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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Overview

It is true that Microsoft launched their cloud based financial software last year under the name Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, prior to it being ready for mainstream. There were issues with the functionality and more with the software. In the months since, Microsoft has taken the feedback from partners such as Prophet, and have reworked and drastically improved this platform. Microsoft rebranded their software as Dynamics 365 Business Central when the current platform was released.

Mid Market Solution

This offering is meant to be a mid-market solution for mid-level users who have a good basis of accounting knowledge. If the chart of accounts is standard, then implementation goes quickly using built in wizards. If the chart is more complex, the software can absolutely handle it, there would just be higher upfront costs as you will need the assistance of a consultant to get the chart setup. The unique experience of Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly integrates into other Microsoft products, such as Office 365 and Dynamics 365 for Sales. Your sales team can use tools they are familiar with, such as Outlook, to create quotes, view customer sales history, and check customers’ payment status. And all this can be done from their phones!  Use the built in CRM that comes with D365 or seamlessly integrate to Dynamics 365 for Sales for a more robust solution.

As with any new software launch there are bugs that need working out, although Microsoft’s dedication to this product is there. It currently has the full attention of the developers and is obviously mandated as a priority for correction of items as soon as they are reported. This is a great thing! Microsoft’s dedication to correction of reported bugs and other enhancements are constantly being updated on a daily basis.

Compatible Apps - Canadian Payroll & More!

Each day, software developers are creating apps that are compatible with D365 Business Central such as Canadian Payroll, migration tools from existing payroll providers (for ex. Ceridian and ADP) directly in to Dynamics 365 Business Central, K-eCommerce, Shopify, Credit Management, and Manufacturing. From their mobile phones, owners can operate their financial software, review powerful KPI’s, send invoices, find out customer balances and more.

Microsoft has finally made an all in one solution for clients. This is the product! To find out more about this product review information at this link;

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