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Vulnerability Scans

Up-to-date antivirus software? Check.  Active firewall? Check.  Regularly scheduled vulnerability scan? What?  Antivirus software and firewalls are crucial to running a secure network, but sometimes they’re just not enough. Vulnerability scanning software may be the perfect tool for your business’s secure network.

Believe it or not, vulnerability scanning is exactly what it sounds like (a rarity for geeky computer terms). Vulnerability scanning is the process of running a scan through your entire network with the hopes of finding (and eventually correcting) potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited in connected devices.  In other words, a vulnerability scan will ideally tell you of any areas in your network that may not be secure.  Vulnerabilities can come in the form of incorrect code, poorly configured systems, malware and the like.

There are many different programs that specialize in vulnerability scanning, some are free, and some come at a price.  Two of the most popular programs are Nessus and Core Impact; both programs are widely recognized as effective pieces of software for businesses of all sizes.

If you are looking for more information, IT Security has a very interesting piece outlining various aspects of vulnerability scanning.  And as always, if you are wondering about vulnerability scanning for your own network; please contact us for a consultation at 204-982-9890 or to schedule a security audit.  Prophet Business Group is here to help you with your business IT needs.

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