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Domain Name Expiration

An informative and well-laid-out company website is a vital component to help increase your business’s success. But a perfect website can be rendered useless if your domain name expires. It’s not an unlikely scenario and sometimes the warning signs are missed. If your domain name does expire, there are websites dedicated to quickly snapping it up for resale. If it reaches this point, we bid you good luck.

Thousands of domain names expire each day, and acquiring an expired domain can potentially have great value if it’s attached to a site that gets a lot of traffic. If the domain for your site reaches the expiration stage, you need to act fast because you’ve already missed the warning signs. You should also be conscious to protect yourself against these common scenarios:

Inadvertent domain name expiration – a domain owner doesn’t renew in time and the domain is purchased by a speculator. Once domain names are available for purchase, they are snatched up in a matter of seconds by speculators using automated programs. Adding insult to injury, the speculator will often attempt to sell it back to you at an inflated price.

Domain hijacking or theft – a domain hijacker steals your domain by submitting a fraudulent transfer request. Once the domain hijacker has control of your domain name, he or she can redirect web traffic to their own site. Though you may have legal rights to the name, hijackers make this more difficult by typically transferring the domain to a distant country.

Inaccurate contact information – maintain your current contact information (especially email) with your host! Laws exist that won’t allow a domain name to become immediately available upon expiration, but domain hosts also have varying “grace periods” before a domain becomes available for sale. The point is worthless if the person your host wants to contact most, ie: “you”, cannot be reached. Domain hosts want repeat customers and they will likely make several efforts to contact you.

If you would like to learn more about the steps you can take to protect your online presence or computer network, call Prophet Business Group in Winnipeg at 204-982-9890. Our Network team will be happy to provide you with the “know-how” to help secure the information in your network.

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