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Creating a Budget in Dynamics GP

2020 is almost over. For those of you that have not started your budget for 2021 what are you waiting for? Dynamics GP has a built-in integration with Microsoft Excel to make the budgetary process simple.

Use the Budget Wizard for Excel

Create your new budget and determine where the data for your budget comes from.

Choose between

  • Open Year percent
  • Other Budget percent
  • Historical Year Percent
  • Blank Budget

Add 10% to the open year 2025 actual figures.

Choose which account types to include in your budget, Balance sheet Profit and Loss and Unit Accounts for your budget.

And / Or a subset of Accounts

Populate the budget in Excel

If you are budgeting Sales or any other credits. this is one of the very few places that you will be able to type negative numbers for use in GP.

Change any of the prepopulated values to the budgeted amounts. Here 2026 amounts are 10% higher than 2025 actuals.

Import the budget back into Dynamics GP

When you have completed the budget in Excel use the Budget Wizard.

The Built-In Excel based budgeting tools included with your Dynamics GP make budgeting a simple process. Remember you can have as many budgets as you want in GP.  Should you have any questions, please contact our GP Support team. Happy budgeting!


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