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Cleaning Up Activities on Your Timeline in Dynamics 365

Microsoft has made it very simple to work with a timeline element on your account, contact, or any other entity where a timeline exists. 

The normal timeline experience has a list of different activity related to that entity. It could be emails, phone calls, notes, appointments, tasks, etc. A timeline allows you to quickly see activities with a date time stamp associated with that activity. 

The normal timeline will look like the following: 

You can add a new activity by clicking on the + button in the top right corner of the timeline. The issue is this list will show you all activities in your system. I am going to show you how you can modify this list to only display the activities you normally would work with. 

You will need to login to as a user with customization rights and go to your solution or create a new one. Once in the solution, add your table called accounts or contact or whatever entity you are modifying the timeline for. 

You then go to the forms and select the Main form called Account. 

You will then select the timeline object, which is where your timeline properties will display on the right-hand side of the screen. In the timeline properties we can then turn on or off different activity types we may not be using by clicking on the activity. 

This will then present us with a few options. The Enable option allows us to view the activity on the timeline. There could be some activities you do not want to see in the timeline. The second option, Create directly from the timeline, allows us to create an activity using the + button which was shown previously. 

We can also make other changes to the timeline such as change the sorting process or if you want to allow notes to be created or just activities. 

The final step is to click Save then click Publish to publish the changes. 

When you go back to the timeline on the account main form, we now have aonly the entities we want showing vs all the entities that come with the system. This is a good step to cleanup clutter in your system. 

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