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Android Attacks

These days it seems everyone has a smartphone. Until recently, iPhones and BlackBerries have been the norm but Android-based phones are now outselling their rivals. And as a result of its increasing popularity, the number of malicious files targeted at the Android platform (phones and tablets) is expected to increase in 2012.

Most of us know to protect our computers but many people still need to learn that their mobile devices can be susceptible to attack by cybercriminals too. Users are increasingly turning to their phones and tablets to access the Internet for various activities such as shopping and banking, and this leaves users more open to attack.

It is especially important to protect your device when you’re using it on a corporate network, even if it’s just to receive and send email. Not only are you potentially putting yourself at risk for a cyber attack, but your company could be at risk too.

According to a Cyberthreat Forecast by Kaspersky Lab (an antivirus firm) in the second half of 2011, there were more malware threats directed at Google’s Android operating system than any other mobile platform.

As smartphones and tablets gain popularity, computer security experts expect the number of malware threats to continue to grow this year. According to Kaspersky Lab, online banking is expected to be one of the most prevalent methods of stealing money from users this year.

Luckily, there are all sorts of apps available that can protect your Android devices and your business against attacks. BlackBerry and iPhone both have their own versions of free anti-malware software too, available through their respective app stores.

Prophet Business Group’s IT consultants are here to assist you with all of your malware protection needs. Whether your company is doing business just in Winnipeg or around North America, the security of your mobile phone networks are just as important as your computer networks. Contact us at 204-982-9890 if you would like to review the security of your company’s mobile devices.

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