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Adding SmartFill

Rockton Software offers a handy add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP called SmartFill that allows for customized searching within GP’s data fields. Many users do not even realize they are using this quietly functional tool, and I believe it deserves some additional recognition.

SmartFill allows you to search for specific documents in the SOP Transactions Entry window’s document number field. You can find existing documents by searching for some part of the document number or customer name, saving time on scrolling through a long list of open orders. But what if you want use this search in the Sales Documents inquiry window?

The understated nature of SmartFill hides a simple, powerful benefit of the product:  you are not limited to the default search fields offered by SmartFill. SmartFill includes a wizard utility for adding existing search objects to new GP fields.


Lookup Creation Wizard

Adding existing search objects to new fields starts in the Repository Maintenance window, found at Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Setup >> SmartFill >> Repository. Select your product and existing SmartFill search object. This will display a list of fields where the object is enabled; click the plus sign to start the Lookup Creation Wizard.

Please note that these instructions are for SmartFill version 18.0.1 in Dynamics GP 2018. Previous versions may be slightly different.

Click Next, select your chosen search object from the list in step 2, and click Next again.

Step 3 of the wizard prompts you to open the window and click on the field in it where you want the search to be enabled. In this example, I opened Inquiry >> Sales >> Sales Documents, and clicked in the From field. The wizard identified the inquiry window and Start SOP Number field that I selected. Click the Add Lookup button.

The Add New Lookup window should display a “lookup added successfully” message. Click the Done button. I repeated these steps to add the search object to the End SOP Number field, as well. Redisplay the Repository Maintenance window for the search object to see the fields you have added.

All that remains is to test and enjoy the new SmartFill functionality. Type your search term in the newly-added field, then tab off the field to see SmartFill’s search results. It’s just that easy!

If you have any questions about improving your organization’s usage of SmartFill, please contact Prophet Business Group for assistance.

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