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Know every touch-point anyone from your company had with your client

Before making the next sales call, or walking into your next sales meeting, have access to all real-time information on your client. There is no need to commute to the office to lookup or print information.

It is useful to have client information at hand when negotiating sales contracts. Imagine knowing information like an overdue balance, or staff changeover. How about knowing the competitor you are up against, or important pricing requirements so you can close the deal now.

Get the complete picture on your client with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Be better at winning deals every time!

How Dynamics 365 for Sales solves this issue

Prophet Business Group can provision the correct licenses for your team, setup the business account, allocate licenses, and setup security measures. Move to Outlook email, and integrate all email messages to the CRM license and see what was communicated with the client.

Whether it is a CRM or Outlook license, or if there are other gains with other software integration with other systems in your business a Prophet consultant can get it done.

As new integrations are being added,  one new integration with Adobe is worth a look. Ask how capturing electronic signatures on a tablet can be added to help your sales team close quotes on the spot!

Try Dynamics 365 for Sales for 30 days

Your 30-day free trial includes: Choice of sales and service scenarios, Guided tasks, articles, and contextual videos. Automated processes and predictive analytics. Option to add Dynamics 365 to your current Office 365 subscription and the ability to change to a paid subscription any time. No credit card required.

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